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Spiced pickled shallots wrapped in our LEON, recipe: pork, garlic and tarragon sausagemeat , rolled in bread crumbs and fried golden brown.



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“don’t you just love it when a plan comes together?” Launched at the Ludlow food festival in 2010 these fab WeeBeasties are the result of combining two GREAT TASTE AWARD DOUBLE GOLD STAR winners into one whole new taste sensation… One is simply not enough, promise! We are going to need a whole new catagory for these chaps, they don’t really fit in anywhere except in a bowl on the bar in your local… another plus for us all is that all the WeeBeasties are suitable for home freezing so you can plan your parties in advance, although Double Troubles don’t need a party to go to!


Here is everything that we put in to make this scrumptious product!

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