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Gluten free

chilliMillie Scotch Egg


Pork with paprika, fresh peppers amd chilli


As you would expect with a freshly made product it will take us a couple of days to make up your order and deliveries are only possible in the morning. Delivery is a flat rate £8.50 regardless of quantity so feel free to fill up your basket!

  • eggs
  • soya
  • so2

A deliciously spicy (not too hot) twist on our original Millie which has proved a great hit with those that have to be careful with their diets and others too…. the millet coating brings a crunchy layer to your Scotch Egg treat. The sausagemeat is made with soya crumb, buck wheat, rice and chickpea flours and then rolled in millet to give it that distinctive finish.


Here is everything that we put in to make this scrumptious product!

millie meat (45.6%) [75% pork meat,
free crumb, pork fat, water, seasoning (salt, potato starch, dextrose, preservative e221, onion powder, spice extracts, herb extract)],
(26%), millie flakes (16%) [millet flakes (33.3%), buck
flakes (33.3%), brown rice flakes (33.3%)],
(9.1%), red chilli peppers (1.4%), red peppers (1.4%), paprika (0.47%), king naga (0.11%) rapeseed oil (anti foaming agent e900)

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