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Canapes & Buffets


If you’re looking for an appetiser to impress your guests, our quails egg WeeOnes or unique WeeBeasties are the perfect solution. Simply cut them in half for the perfect bitesize portion and they are ready to be served. There’s no mistaking, these are an attractive, deliciously fresh and total hassle free option!

Our regular Scotch eggs can also work brilliantly as a canape option, cut them into quarters and they’ll do just as good a job as the WeeOnes.

If you are planning a buffet for your special occasion, then why not cut the eggs as suggested and pop them in some labelled bowls. Your guests will no doubt appreciate knowing what flavours they are eating, unless you want to watch their surprise when they tuck into a Chilli one!

How many should I order?

If you are serving our eggs as a canape option or part of a buffet, we recommend 1 to 2 WeeOnes/WeeBeasties per guest, and a half to 1 Regular egg per guest. We’ll leave you to judge how hungry your guests will be!

Wedding Breakfasts & Dinners

For a more relaxed and rustic feel to your big day or event, our Scotch eggs can be the perfect accompaniment to a hearty Ploughman’s lunch. Pair a full sized Egg with a good chunk of bread and some tasty cheese and pickle.

Or for a lighter option, you might prefer to serve one with a leafy salad, and it’s trimmings; some chutney, coleslaw, salad vegetables, etc!

How many should I order?

If you are serving our Scotch eggs as a wedding breakfast or dinner option, we recommend 1 Regular egg per guest.

Ordering & Delivery


To avoid the disappointment of us not being able to fulfil your order, we ask that you contact us at least 1-2 weeks prior to your event, any time before that is also much appreciated!

If the quantity of your order comes to 80+ Regular eggs, or 140+ WeeOnes/WeeBeasties, then we are more than happy to supply these eggs to you at our trade prices, plus a £8.50 delivery charge.

Please contact us on info@handmadescotcheggs.co.uk or 01885 490 520 for these enquiries.

We normally recommend that you order your eggs to receive them 1-2 days prior to the event. Delivery on the day of the event is not recommended. The eggs will need to be signed for unless they can be left with a neighbour or somewhere safe. They need to be kept refrigerated until served.


Mark & Holly’s Wedding

The service by the Handmade Scotch egg company was fantastic from first contact, to delivery of the eggs straight to the venue, not once were you ever nervous were the eggs going to arrive, important when organising a wedding. So for a simple, hassle free, but damn tasty evening snack – there really is no better option then a selection of these guys scotch eggs – Mark

Rachael’s Wedding

The scotch eggs were a huge success, those that were not eaten on the evening went down well the next day for our family picnic, all round a brilliant time was had – Alison (Rachael’s Mum)

Bespoke Caterer

They are fab!  I’m a wedding caterer, so I use them for any wedding picnics I make, and they always get lots of positive comments! – Jessica


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