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Welcome to our most  ‘eggs’cellent’ website!

Hatched in 2002 the Handmade Scotch Egg Co ltd single handedly lead the charge to reinstate the humble Scotch Egg as Britain’s favourite snack,  playing a key role in raising them from the proverbial foodie gutter to dizzying heights and celebrity status more often reserved for Michelin stared reverence…

Hear ye - Hear Ye - Hear Ye... June 15th 2021

We are extremely proud to anounce that the  Handmade Scotch Egg Co has aquired Severn Spots Ltd – the amazing award winning, ready to eat, British Charcuterie selection will join our steadily growing range of made to order, fresh, deli essentials, from our original Handmade Scotch Eggs to Regatta Pies, Jumble Rolls and Munsley Quiches.. egg’cetera, egg’cetera

We couldn’t sit back and not join the convesation!

As we all know Scotch Eggs are simply perfect on their own, but add a dollop of pickle or mayo and they instantly become a meal!

Since opening our first nestCAFE in 2014 we’ve served our Scotch egg is many,many different ways but our original twist, the Apple Pickers Picnic (theAPP) is always a favourite, served as shown below to eat in or tucked into a compostable biobox for a packed/working from home lunch… here are a couple more serving suggestions, please do let us know how you enjoy yours.

the APP - Apple Pickers Picnic

Our Herefordian twist on the traditional ploughmans lunch… Scotch Eggs, cheese, bread and pickles.. 

An EGG'ceptional Tapas

Two or three different scotch egg varities served with homemade and/or locally sourced dips, pickles and salads

For really comforting winter food try srving the SE’s hot with a cheesy/fondue style dip…


Your favourite Scotch egg sliced, drizled with oil and oven baked/grilled, served with salads or oven chips!

Free range eggs, outdoor reared British pork and a creative cook combine to make some of the best Scotch eggs around, adding a dash of imagination and a good helping of culinary know how produces awesome vegetarian and even vegan choices too..

  All our recipes are totally original, devised and created from scratch by Penny and Neil many of which are simply too good to be confined to one role in life… make sure you check out the regattaPies, the jumbleRolls and the egg’centric weeBesaties while you are here…

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Then there’s the Hard -v- Soft Boiled eggs conundrum..

Although dipping bread soldiers into a soft-boiled yolk is indisputably one of life’s simplest pleasures we prefer our scotch eggs a tad more robust – particularly as they are both devised and destined for the picnic/lunch box, rather than being served hot direct from the fryer.


Whichever tale you choose to believe, simply enjoy your Scotch egg while pondering its surprisingly complex history!

We’ve heard it said that the Scotch Egg was to have been invented by Fortnum & Mason in the 18th century offering a convenient snack for the wealthy.

…then again they were derived from the Indian dish Nargisi Kofta and exported from the British Raj.

…some say they’re rooted in Whitby and named after William J Scott & Sons, made with a fish paste.

…others suggest they originate from North African recipes, transported to England via France.

… or are they simply an easily transportable lunch, less fussy than carrying and eating the individual components, created with what are fundamantaly kitchen leftovers… seems to be a much more believable version of events…

Beyond the Scotch Eggs – our recipes in a few different guises

Jumble Rolls

aka Sausage Rolls, made with a carefully selected range of recipes –  PLUS a new range of vegan recipes launched in February 2020 nown as Skerries

Regatta Pies

Individual pork pies with a quail egg tucked in the centre.. new for 2020 we have a small carefully selected range but knowing us its bound to grow…

the Egg'centrics

aka the weeBeasties, mini scotch egg impersonators, once bitten…

what came first – the chicken or the egg?

The people behind the eggs

We are, through choice, a small privately run family business supported by a highly motivated and inspired team, affording us close control over the quality of our products using time-honoured cooking practices working by hand to produce quality food in an environmentally and socially responsible manner returning food production to its inspirational roots.


Here is everything that we put in to make this scrumptious product!

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